Our Aloha Spirit Shines Through In The Brio
Of Our Paso Finos

Visit with trainer John Pelaez

Date -2012-08-01

 Hawaii Paso Finos was pleased to host  renowned Paso Fino horse trainer, owner and breeder John Pelaez of Texas this summer.  John has been working with horses since his childhood d

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Hawaii Paso Finos Host College Intern

Date -2014-06-03

The ranch was pleased this summer to provide a three month internship for a local young student from Hawaii Community College's veterinary technician program.  Kamlyn Nihipali from Kapaau spen

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Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy Seminar in Arizona

Date -2011-10-22

In October we attended our first Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy clinic in Arizona with Greg Kersten, founder of the OK Corral Series method of using horses in practice with psychotherapeutic

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Eagala Training

Date -2014-03-01

May 15th through May 21st, 2014 EAGALA Certification Part I and II training sessions will take place at Hawaii Paso Finos Ranch here on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii.   For registration a

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Paso Fino Breed Discussion

Date -2014-03-01

Read up on the special gaits and traits of the Paso Fino Horse Breed in The Blaze and Trail Blazer Magazine feature articles with our favorite gaited breed in the spotlight!  Learn why they ar

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Paso Finos an International Hit

Date -2012-02-01

 We have been fortunate this year to host many visitors from all over the world who have a passion to ride the Paso Finos!  Equestrians from Japan, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy,

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Paso Finos- Versatile and Fun

Date -2011-06-01

The Paso Fino horse breed is still one of the fastest growing and most popular breeds of horses in the U.S.  Their comfort, versatility, intelligence, gentleness and playful personalities inst

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Special Blessing of Animals

Date -2012-10-21

Sunday October 21st, our horses went to church!  The annual blessing of the animals took place at St. Augustine's Episcopal Church in Kapaau, HI.  Our Paso Finos, plus several dogs, cats,

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Paso Fino Grand National Horse Show

Date -2012-10-12

This year's PFHA National Horse Show was held at the fabulous horse park in Lexington, Kentucky, and we were in the audience cheering on our favorites in the breed.  We had the honor of handin

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Equine Experience at Hacienda Tres Aguilas

Date -2012-10-01

Joe and Kelly both had the privilege of attending a week-long equine experience with Drs. Adele and Deborah McCormick at their historic Hacienda Tres Aguilas in San Antonio, Texas.  This inten

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Hawaii Paso Finos Selected in Top 10 Best

Date -2012-12-01

Hawaii Paso Finos is now one of the top 10 places in the world to ride, according to many of our satisfied clients and equitrekking travel writer Nancy D. Brown.  

See article link on

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Hawaii Paso Finos EAGALA Certified

Date -2012-09-15

We are pleased to announce that Joe Vitorino has achieved his EAGALA certification, completing both levels 1 and 2 this summer.  He will be directing upcoming equine-assisted growth and learni

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Paso Finos Educate and Entertain at Kohala Country Fair

Date -2011-10-01

This year the annual Kohala Country Fair returned to it's true country roots with a new venue on pastureland just outside of Kapaau town.  The focus was on "Paniolo" life, or traditi

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Operation Vacation Hawaii

Date -2013-11-11

This coming Veteran's Day November 11th, will see the last mission for our charitable program, Operation Vacation Hawaii.  We will be hosting another deserving military family from Ft. Shafter

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Equine Guided Education Clinic for RFD TV

Date -2012-03-30

 Hawaii Paso Finos Ranch had the pleasure to host a special fundraising effort for KEEC and People Helping Horses in conjunction with Aaron Ralston's RFD TV show this spring.  Several loc

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Equine Facilitated Wellness Programs Set for New Year

Date -2013-09-19

This coming year Hawaii Paso Finos will be offering some new and exciting activities with the horses, partnering with local musicians, artisans, authors, poets, and other

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Kamehameha Day Parade 2013

Date -2013-06-11

June 11th is one of the most special days of our year here at Hawaii Paso Finos.  The Annual King Kamehameha Day Floral Parade and Celebration takes us out to the streets in colorful regala to

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Linda Tellington-Jones Clinic Comes to Hawaii Paso Finos

Date -2013-03-01

 This March, Hawaii Paso Finos Ranch was pleased to host world renowned animal behaviorist and horse trainer Linda Tellington-Jones and a group of international students who came to study the

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Hawaii Paso Finos Feature Article in Hawaiian Air Magazine

Date -2013-04-01

See the following link to the recent article about Hawaii Paso Finos horses and ranch that was featured in the April/May issue of Hana Hou!, the inflight magazine of Hawaiian Airlines.  The re

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Hawaii Paso Finos to host French Master Classical Dressage Trainer Dominique Barbier

Date -2013-09-12

This coming November 22nd Hawaii Paso Finos is honored to host Master Dominique Barbier at the ranch for a 3 day clinic. He worked with our Paso Finos this summer in his enlightened classical dress

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Fiesta of the Spanish Horse Show

Date -2013-05-04

This year we attended the Fiesta of the Spanish Horse Show at the L.A. Equestrian Center.  Hundreds of horses all with bloodlines traced to the Iberian peninsula of old were shown in full rega

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OK Corral Series Equine-Assisted Therapy Seminar

Date -2015-05-07

 The original and ultimate equine-assisted psychotherapy training seminar will be coming to Hawaii Paso Finos Ranch in August with Greg Kersten's OK Corral Series certification.  The &quo

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Now Open! Guest Accommodations at the Ranch

Date -2015-06-01

We are happy to announce that our new guest house is now open!  Hawaii Paso Finos Ranch Equestrian and Nature Retreat is poised to be a very special addition to our h

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