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Quality Bred With Aloha Spirit

Welcome to Hawaii Paso Finos, LLC

Gaited Horseback Riding on the Big Island of Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to Hawaii Paso Finos, LLCTM at Rancho Vitorino.  We are located on thirty acres of oceanfront pastureland on the spectacular North Kohala Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Our goal is simple- to introduce the Paso Fino horse breed to the state of Hawaii- residents and visitors alike. 

The Paso Fino horse is without a doubt the smoothest riding horse in the world.  You must experience the ride first hand in order to really appreciate the value of this noble breed, which, originally from Spain, has become the fastest growing horse breed in America.

Why is the ride so smooth?  The Paso Fino is a “gaited” horse, and gaited horses do not trot, holding the rider more securely in the saddle with virtually no bounce or jarring motions.  They do this by the unique mechanics of their “four beat lateral gait” in which each hoof moves up and forward in perfectly timed rhythm, independently and in even succession.  The cadence of gait is stylish and beautiful with a melody all its' own as the horse travels forward with the look of a very fast walk.

If you have had back problems, arthritis or other joint injuries and have not been able to enjoy horseback riding- one of your favorite activities- then this is the horse for you.  If you are an older -or even younger- timid rider afraid of being bucked off, you will be amazed at how safe and comfortable you will feel on the back of a Paso Fino.  They are uncomplicated, easy to handle and extremely sensitive to the riders cues, making riding them nearly effortless. They will never leave you sore and exhausted after long hours in the saddle.  Also, their smaller stature is not intimidating.

Hawaii Paso Finos, LLCTM is pleased to offer you an opportunity to meet, handle and ride one of our Paso Finos.  We call it “Gaiting in ParadiseTM”- a unique, interactive educational horsemanship experience.  All rides are private, and we always limit the number of participants so that you receive personal instruction throughout the entire activity.  Whether you are a Hawaii visitor or resident, we offer several different activities to choose from, for all levels of riders.  We are the only ranch in Hawaii that offers the exclusive opportunity to ride this smoothly gaited breed of horse, truly an alternative adventure on horseback!      

We feel certain that once you are introduced to a Paso Fino and experience that “Rolls Royce” ride, you will be hooked.  Their engaging personalities, along with their innate beauty and elegance will steal your heart, imparting their proud 500-year-old Latin heritage with the harmonious music of footfalls into your life.
Call or e-mail us for more details, or to make an appointment to come “Gaiting in Paradise” with Hawaii Paso Finos, LLCTM.

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